Capital Projects

Without this Appeal, both Starehe Centres are likely to encounter insurmountable challenges and fall short of fulfilling their own potential – and that of their students.

Starehe Boys’ Centre - cannot continue to offer a first class education without updating its ageing buildings, securing its power and water supplies and further embracing ICT.

Click here to download cost sheets of needs at the Boys’ Centre.

Starehe Girls’ Centre - cannot give a life-changing opportunity to another 80 girls without new buildings in which to house, teach and feed them - plus the necessary infrastructure.

Click here to download cost sheets of needs at the Girls’ Centre.

Specific projects - five main categories of need have been established. Click here to download specific cost sheets:

Water projects
Power projects
Staff Housing projects
ICT projects
‘Other’ projects

If you have your own priorities for funding within the above areas, we would be happy to identify an appropriate package.

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We’ll be happy to talk through the options in greater detail.

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The kitchen at Starehe Girls' Centre

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