is now a Diplomat

How Abraham grew from a boy with no hope into a man with self-belief

“In career talks, Starehe founder Geoffrey Griffin made it clear that we could succeed in whatever work we did provided we did it perfectly.”

Abraham was born into a poor family of ten children, with little hope of making a good life for himself. Yet the strong voice of a single individual changed all that…

After joining Starehe, Abraham’s life and prospects were transformed by ‘the vision of one man, his team of staff – and many others who gave to support this vision’ he says; praising the values ingrained in him over the course of his education:

“Dr Griffin taught us the virtues of hard work, honesty, integrity, purpose... among many others.”

Abraham left Starehe after A-levels and attended the University of Nairobi, where he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Post-graduate Diploma in International Relations.

He then joined the Department of Immigration, rising through the ranks before being seconded to join Diplomatic Service as an Immigration Attaché at the Kenya Embassy in Rome (1999).

‘Diplomacy has exposed me to the world and the dynamics that move it, in ways I could never have imagined’ says Abraham, who was posted to the Kenya High Commission in London on 1st July 2006.

“Dr Griffin is gone, but his work will still continue forever. You and I can be a part of this work by supporting Starehe; a life will be changed forever by what you give.”
Picture of Abraham “Like many students from Starehe, early childhood was without hope. Thanks to Starehe, hope was not only built in us but a future was guaranteed.”
Starehe student ‘75 - ’80

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