plans to become a business consultant

Agnes was born in Mutomo village in the Eastern Province of Kenya and is of the Kamba tribe.

Agnes is an orphan, having lost both parents by the age of 10. She then lived with her grandmother on a small unproductive piece of land, surviving on food from well-wishers and the occasional crop of quick-growing maize and beans.

She heard of Starehe Girls’ Centre at primary school and worked hard to pass her primary school examination.

With little more than faith to sustain her, Agnes believed

“that God would crown my efforts and reward me accordingly.”

Agnes has flourished at Starehe Girls’ Centre and was voted School Captain by the entire student body.

She now hopes to become a business consultant, naming a potential internship with Deloitte Consulting Limited as the first step on the ladder of her career.

Providing ‘a proper home’

For orphaned children like Agnes, the fact that Starehe students are encouraged to see their school as home, and to treat each other with respect as ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’, is particularly important - and at odds with the repressive regime of many Kenyan secondary schools.

Both Centres are open 365 days a year and the students live in dormitories in the care of full-time house parents.

It is this nurturing environment that has given Agnes the springboard for the highest of aspirations: to better the lives of those in poverty – and also of those who know nothing of poverty.

Picture of Agnes “Starehe Girls’ has taught me that my background is not an obstacle in my achieving a bright future
and this is why I hope for great things.”
Agnes, aged 17

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