plans to become an Engineer

Alfred was born in Teso District in the Western Province of Kenya.

Alfred’s parents are poor casual laborers, struggling to raise five children on a small piece of hired land, having lost their own 10 acres and other valuable possessions in the 1992 Mount Elgon clashes.

Alfred worked hard to join Starehe. His ambition now is to become an engineer, and to help his parents and siblings enjoy a better standard of living – as well as serving his country.

In addition to studying a wide range of academic subjects, Alfred takes an active role in school life. He works in the library and as a St John’s Cadet, also helps to take care of sick boys in the school clinic.

Encouraging ownership and accountability

It was always part of founder Geoffrey Griffin’s vision that Starehe students should have authentic ownership of their school.

Freedom of speech is encouraged by a weekly ‘baraza’; a whole-school meeting at which all participants enjoy ‘parliamentary privilege’ to say whatever they like; a forum that encourages openness and accountability, whilst also providing a platform for the boys’ ideas.

“I know that my future is bright”

says Alfred, who is well aware of his own good fortune, and his duty to use that privilege wisely.

Through the Wildlife Club, Alfred has taken a keen interest in the environment and conservation. And for a boy who could so easily have been preoccupied solely with the preservation of his own life day-to-day, this enthusiasm speaks eloquently of how far he has come – and how far he plans to go.

Picture of Alfred If visiting schools were to implement only 50% of what they learn... out of our schools would come men and women who would serve this nation wonderfully. Visiting Headmaster

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