Alumni Case Studies

Starehe gives every student a willingness to strive, and sets them on the path to achieve great things – for themselves and for Kenya.

Alumni case studies

Today, there are over 12,000 Starehe ‘old boys’ taking leading roles in politics, business, the law, academia, medicine and the media. You can find out more about their achievements by reading the following case studies:

Joseph – is now a BBC Editor and broadcaster

Abraham – is now a Diplomat

David – is now a Law Advisor and MSc student

The first students from the Girls’ Centre graduated in 2009. We look forward to sharing news of their achievements in years to come.

Picture of David Kisaky Today, I am schooling, housing and feeding 15 members of my family in Kenya. I could not have done this if I had ended up working in a quarry, excavating rocks in 25 to 30-degree heat for 10 hours a day, for a wage of just £2. Yet, before Starehe, that quarry was my ‘career’ destination. - David, Starehe student ‘94 - ’99

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