plans to become an Aviation Specialist

Duncan was born in Kirinyaga District in the Central Province of Kenya.

Since arriving at the school, Duncan has shown himself to be a very hardworking and focused young man, who wishes to become an aviation engineer. To this end, he has included Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Business Studies among the subjects he is studying.

Duncan also loves playing football – and as a member of the school’s Red Cross Society, he educates fellow students on the importance of donating blood.

A leadership culture for all

Providing leadership such as this is actively promoted at Starehe. Prefects run many parts of the school, including the library, dining hall, chapel and grounds, learning from more senior Prefects as they go. This means that effective practices and approaches roll smoothly from one generation to another.

Those who excel as Prefects are promoted to the position of House Captain; in charge of a boarding house of around 80 boys or girls. This frees up the teachers to concentrate on what they do best; supporting the academic life of the school, so that students can really fly.

“I want to render services to many nations, to know more of the world and to make it in life”.

For this, he could have no better preparation than Starehe.

Picture of Duncan “Starehe means so much to me. I have learnt how to be responsible in all aspects of life, to work hard and be disciplined and now I have direction for the future”.
Duncan, aged 16

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