plans to become an Actuary

Elizabeth was born in Ngangarithi village in the Central Province of Kenya and is of the Kikuyu tribe.

Elizabeth comes from a very poor family. Both of her parents are unemployed, although her mother makes a little money hawking vegetables and her father picks up the occasional job as village photographer.

Elizabeth has two older brothers, one of whom attended Starehe Boys’ Centre. He told Elizabeth about the girls’ school – and she immediately recognised the lifeline it represented:

“I knew that this was a great opportunity. I worked hard with an aim of joining it.”

Since starting at Starehe Girls’ Centre, Elizabeth has shown a passionate interest in mathematics and science, and now hopes to specialise in Actuarial Science; using her mathematical skills to analyse and solve financial or social problems.

Educating ‘the whole person’

Like all Starehe students, Elizabeth has benefited from a culture that promotes spiritual and personal welfare as well as academic attainment.

Between them, the Girls’ and Boys’ Centres offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities – from sports to first aid; from music to fire-fighting, which reinforce values such as leadership and service.

Elizabeth particularly enjoys netball and football. She is also a member of the Junior Achievers’ Club and an active participant in the Scouting movement.

“Starehe has enabled me to discover a wonderful opportunity in life”

Now she is eager to give something back; not just by helping her family, but by

“building a working nation, as this is where I belong - and I am proud of it”
Picture of Elizabeth “ With hard work and determination, I hope to make it in life - and give back to society the love, care and generosity I have received”.
Elizabeth, aged 15

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