is now a BBC Editor and broadcaster

How Joseph took his passion for broadcasting from the assembly hall at Starehe to over 20 million listeners

“One of the most important teachings that I took from Starehe, which I have passed on to my kids, is self-reliance”

Regardless of their personal circumstances, all Starehe pupils are encouraged to use their skills and drive to make the most of their opportunities, rather than to rely on others. And Joseph has certainly lived his life according to this principle - vigorously seizing the day.

“Starehe taught us to be independent grown-ups from day one”

For example, at Starehe Boys’ centre, Joseph balanced his formal studies with a love of drama and a keenness for debating. He took part in school productions and after A-levels, even founded his own Travelling Theatre group to pass time constructively before starting college. He also represented Starehe in school debates and spent his holidays volunteering; learning valuable skills whilst offering his time in government hospitals and public registries.

Still, Joseph’s over-riding passion was always for broadcasting.

This really took hold when, at the age of 15, he took part in a television programme, produced by the Kenya Institute of Education and broadcast by the Kenya Broadcasting Company (KBC).

Fantastic opportunities for pupils to pursue their talents and interests

Even today, Joseph is full of praise for Starehe - and the opportunities it gave him:

“By the time I reached sixth form, I already had a lunchtime news and entertainment programme which I ‘broadcast’ regularly in the school assembly hall”

Joseph went on to pursue a career in the media, starting out as a radio/TV reporter and news anchor in Nairobi, working with KBC and the Kenya Television Network (KTN).

A strict ethos emphasising hard work, self-reliance and discipline

According to Joseph, the strict ethos of Starehe also equipped him with the self-discipline necessary to “survive the challenges and temptations” of working in a modern media environment - both in Africa and abroad.

“In the media world there's always talk of 'it's who you know rather than what you know’ that gets you through the door, but I and other Stareheans have made it by proving that we could deliver, are dependable and confident in ourselves.”
Picture of Joseph “Starehe is a school that I love and value dearly; whose survival I always try to help secure so that thousands of other needy or disadvantaged boys could have the opportunities that I had. Without Starehe I would not be who I am today nor be where I am now.”
Starehe student ‘77 - ’82

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