Brotherhood and Sisterhood

Starehe isn’t just a school; it is also a home – to all of the students at the Girls’ Centre and 70% of the boys.

Boarders live in dormitories in the care of full-time house parents, and are welcome 365 days a year.

Whilst the week-day schedule is rigorous, the atmosphere is highly nurturing of individual talent and aspiration, as well as general health and wellbeing.

Lasting values

Life-long friendships are forged between students of different cultural and religious backgrounds; many of whom arrive as orphans.

This culture of brotherhood and sisterhood doesn't just shape life at school; it influences the future actions of students, who leave Starehe with a strong desire to 'give something back'.

For example, a large number of 'old boys' are now qualified doctors, and they support the school by seeing cases referred by Starehe clinic staff, inoculating new students, and educating the whole student body in subjects such as HIV/AIDs.

Enduring support

At the Boys’ Centre, there is both a Chapel and a Mosque on site – and virtually every Saturday sees an old boy returning to the school to get married.

Religious life is equally strong at the Girls’ Centre, where students have followed the lead of Starehe boys in building a culture of respect and understanding for those of different faiths and backgrounds.

In these ways and more, the ‘brothers and sisters’ at Starehe enrich their own lives, and provide a fine example of strength through mutual support.

picture of boys singing I became a brother to the other boys and they became my brothers, all of us 'aiming high' Peter Ngugi Chege,Former pupil

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