Educating the whole person

Starehe Boys’ Centre is the only institution granted complimentary membership of the Round Square Conference; a worldwide association of leading schools, whose systems are directed at educating ‘the whole person’.

It is also unique in being the only member with a prevalence of non-fee-paying students.

Championing ambition

Starehe certainly provides a fully-rounded education; academic, social, moral and spiritual - with a strong emphasis on encouraging students to ‘be the best they can be’.

Encouraging responsibility

From day one, students assume responsibility in every aspect of school life, from cataloguing the library to maintaining the grounds. And there is a weekly school parliament or ‘Baraza’; a whole-school assembly at which all participants enjoy ‘parliamentary privilege’ to hold staff members and fellow students accountable without compromising themselves.

Serving others

Individual and team development is further supported by the wide variety of clubs and societies that thrive at both Centres and by the opportunities for voluntary service, pioneered by Starehe boys.

According to Professor Mugambi, former Director of the Boys’ Centre, many employers, parents and professors claim that they can spot a former Starehean ‘just by observing his behaviour’.

This is particularly pertinent when you consider that a vast majority of students have limited or no family resources to fall back on and that they must make their own way in life, entirely.

A proud legacy

It is also a testament to the teachers at Starehe who motivate the boys and girls to consistently give their best, to grow in strength, health and happiness and, above all, to mature into young men and women of sound character, able to face with confidence a future that had once seemed utterly bleak.

Students smile for the camera at Starehe Girls Centre

Students smile for the camera at Starehe Girls' Centre

I am leaving Starehe having been moulded into a person confident to face the World. Evans Ligere Njoro, School Captain 1993-1994

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