Two Extraordinary Schools

For hundreds of disadvantaged young Kenyans, a free place at Starehe represents their only chance of a passport out of poverty.

Since its foundation in 1959, Starehe Boys’ Centre has consistently proved that children who arrive barefoot and underfed can become high-achievers – and that poverty can be reversed in less than a generation.

Starehe Girls’ Centre was founded in 2005, and the girls are already proving they are capable of matching the achievements of the boys, with both schools ranking highly in the national league tables.

This is such an exciting time to get involved.

Picture of Starehe boys and girls

Photo by Barney Newman

If visiting schools were to implement only 50% of what they learn ... out of our schools would come men and women who would serve this nation wonderfully. - Visiting Headmaster, Kenya.

Registered Charity No: 1158079