Alongside the best possible academic education, Starehe strives to give its pupils sound moral training, and to encourage self-discipline, initiative and a spirit of service.

Two schemes play a complementary role in bedding down these principles:

The Voluntary Service Scheme
The President’s Award Scheme

The Voluntary Service Scheme

The Voluntary Service Scheme was suggested by Starehe boys in their weekly Baraza, and initiated in 1966.

It involves students willingly giving up a full school holiday to donate their time and energy to important work in the community – in hospitals, clinics, health centres and government departments, for example.

A significant contribution

The boys are proud to help other people, and they also gain valuable work experience and open up potential avenues for permanent employment.

Since the scheme was founded, Boys’ Centre students have given a total of 589,257 days of their time in 17,899 work placements – equivalent to a remarkable 1,614 years of service by Starehe boys.

Glowing reports

Today, over 300 boys take on holiday jobs each year – returning to school with glowing reports of their devotion, punctuality, honesty and empathy for people in unfortunate circumstances - as well as donations to the school.

The Director reads out these holiday job reports at the Baraza every Friday, encouraging already-willing boys to work even harder.

Now there are plans to extend the Voluntary Service Scheme to the girls’ school, to the mutual benefit of students and the community.

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The President’s Award Scheme

Over 350 students from Starehe Boys’ Centre are currently participating in The President’s Award Scheme; the Kenyan equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh Award, with Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for tasks such as orienteering and survival.

Ten expeditions took place in 2008, involving one to three nights out in the bush, with the boys navigating by map and compass and cooking for themselves.

Like all Starehe clubs and societies, the scheme is run by boy leaders, with adults in the background acting as facilitators; providing transport and monitoring safety, for example.

Achieving excellence

In 2007, 36 Gold Awards were received by Starehe boys at presentations presided over by the President at State House – a number unmatched by any other participating school.

It is hoped that students at the Girls’ Centre will soon enjoy the same opportunities for self-development and achievement by participating in the scheme.

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A Starehe student helps out in a local hospital If you're given a coffee cup to wash, wash it cleaner than any coffee cup has ever been cleaned. Voluntary service scheme moto.

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