Clubs and Societies

Starehe boys are encouraged to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities which nurture their personal and spiritual welfare.

All clubs and societies are run by the students, who organise themselves and appoint their own leaders and captains.

There are currently around 45 clubs and societies at the Boys’ Centre, falling into three main categories:

such as:

such as:

Arts and academic
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St John Ambulance

Nearly all pupils in the second year and above are qualified St John Ambulance First Aiders.

These Cadets provide First Aid cover during school activities such as sports day, assist the Police and Fire Brigade in real-life emergencies, and represent the school by providing public duty at State functions and major national occasions. In 2008, they also saved the lives of two pedestrians knocked down by motorists.

Cadets play an important role in the running of the school clinic, where they are responsible for cleaning, filing and feeding the in-patients.

First Aid training is also offered to all students taking part in the President’s Award Scheme.

Starehe Boys Centre Fire Squad

Starehe’s rigorously-trained fire-fighters have skills that exceed those of many professional fire-fighters.

They have put out fires at the Boys’ Centre and in neighbouring schools, and saved lives and millions of Shillings-worth of property across the district.

Starehe fire-fighters train every weekend and have the fastest response times of any fire-fighting force in Kenya.

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Outdoor activities such as hikes and camping are particularly popular with students.

True to Starehe tradition, scouting troupes are run by boy-leaders with Senior boys training the younger ones.

The troupes represent the school in regional, national and international scouting competitions – with both Junior and Senior teams regularly placed in the top three.


Starehe’s sporting honours are numerous. For example, the cross-country team held the provincial title for over 20 years and former student Paul Ereng won a gold medal in the 800m in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

School choir and band

Inter-house music festivals are a regular feature of life at Starehe. The official choir represents the school at provincial and national music festivals – and is often ranked top.

In addition, the school’s nationally-renowned Marching Brass band performs at many school and state functions, such as World Women’s Day and Kenya National Holiday celebrations.

SCAN (Starehe Comments and News)

Starehe students produce their own school newspaper, which is printed for free by one of Kenya's biggest newspapers: The Daily Nation. Members of the Starehe Journalism Club source all of the material and write the articles. Copies are sold within the school to raise funds and a complimentary copy is handed to each visitor.

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Starehe Boys Firefighting Squad 90% of Starehe boys take part in after-school clubs and activities.

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