Starehe Boys' Centre

Starehe Boys' Centre is more than just a remarkable school; it is an instrument for positive change and development in Kenya.

Free places are offered to poor boys with exceptional talent and promise; boys like Alfred and Duncan whose stories you can read on this website.

A life-changing chance

Competition for places is fierce, requiring a strict admissions policy.

For example, in 2013, there were over 20,000 applications for 259 places, but for those who are accepted, the trajectory towards success is breathtaking.

This is borne out by over 12,000 former Stareheans, currently taking leading roles in politics, business, the law, academia, medicine and the media. Plus many alumni also support their siblings' education, or provide their communities with much-needed jobs and resources.

In January 2013 Starehe Boys' Centre took in an extra 40 boys from disadvantaged backgrounds in addition to the yearly intake of 200 boys.

Keeping the vision alive

Starehe’s free places are partially subsidised by fee-paying students who make up around one third of the student body, encouraging a healthy social mix.

All further funding must be generated by Starehe, year after year.

That’s why we need you to support us; to help us keep Starehe at the forefront of transformation – at both a personal and a country-wide level.

Picture of Boys Centre

Students in class at Starehe Boys' Centre

In a typical year, over 90% of Starehe students go on to University - against a national average of just 1% of those starting primary school.

Registered Charity No: 1158079