Clubs and Societies

Students at Starehe Girls’ Centre are extremely hard-working, but they also have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as:

Scouting and Rangers
Religious societies

Girls also have the opportunity to take part in the President’s Award Scheme.


Wednesday evening is the designated ‘club night’, with many to choose from.

Some clubs support particular enthusiasms within the curriculum, such as Maths, Music, French or Science, whilst others, such as Young farmers club and Bee-keepers club, owe more to the school’s rural setting. For example:

Aquaculture club

Aquaculture club comprises a group of girls who, in conjunction with the Fishery Department of the Moi University, look after the school’s fish ponds.

Fish provides a nutritious and welcome addition to the school menu once or twice a week, with the surplus being sold to local businesses and individuals.

Other clubs also play a vital part in fundraising:

Junior Achievers club

Junior Achievers club members are ‘entrepreneurs’ who use their talents to support the school e.g. by conducting market research and helping the bee-keepers to sell their honey at a competitive price.

The Junior Achievers also get involved in fundraising – ably assisted by members of the Beadwork club, whose beautiful beaded necklaces, bracelets and earrings are sold at the local markets and at fundraising events.

Many Junior Achievers are also extremely talented, producing poems, stories, songs, dances and other performances to entertain their fellow students.

Other clubs, such as Straight-talking club and Debate club, support free speech and empowerment:

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Law club

The Law Club enables the girls to get together and discuss legal matters which touch on the lives and experiences of young women in Kenya.

With no teachers present, the girls are able to express themselves freely and to discuss controversial issues if they wish.

Scouting and Rangers

At the weekend, girls have the chance to take part in Scouting and Rangers, and in 2007, a Starehe girl was credited ‘most outstanding scout of the year’ in the Kasarani Division.

Religious societies

Religious societies meet on Sunday evenings, with Christians, Muslims and Seventh Day Adventists all represented.

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Starehe Girls Clubs and societies

Photo by Linda Lockhart

The girls have excelled in music and the performing arts, already winning several trophies at the Kenya National Music Festivals.

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