Starehe Girls' Centre

Starehe Girls' Centre opened its doors in 2005, with the aim of developing a new generation of educated and upright women leaders.

Following a successful local fundraising campaign, 72 girls were accepted in the first intake – all on free places.

These ‘pioneers’ include girls with great drive and ability; girls like Agnes and Elizabeth whose stories you can read on this website.

A testament to ingenuity

Staff members and students have shown great creativity in shaping their school, housed in buildings formerly occupied by Limuru girls’ Centre, in a rural setting 20km north of Nairobi.

In January 2013 Starehe Girls’ Centre took in an extra 40 girls from disadvantaged backgrounds in addition to the yearly intake of 80 girls. Today, it is home to 440 ambitious and talented girls.

We hope to raise the number of free places to 480 by 2014, but we can only achieve this if enough people step forward to support us.

Pioneering girls’ education

In a country where over half the population survives on less than $1 per day, and the cost of a secondary education is beyond the reach of many people, girls are particularly vulnerable to being excluded; worth more for their ‘bride price’ or their value as farm labourers.

That’s why it’s so important to secure the future of Starehe Girls’ Centre – and to blaze a trail for girls’ education in Kenya.

Starehe Girls Centre
In 2013, there were over 13,000 applications from all over Kenya for the 120 new places available, showing how widely-known the school has become in just eight years.

Registered Charity No: 1158079