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We are delighted to report that throughout 2021 the Starehe Schools have continued to run smoothly even in the midst of all the challenges caused by the pandemic and this is thanks to the your support.

We are confident teachers and pupils will rise to the challenge of another year with 4 terms in 2022, but with only 10% of the Kenyan adult population fully vaccinated against Covid the impact of the Omicron variant remains unknown.

The schools continue to need extra funds to keep staff and students safe and we are asking all our supporters to contribute again to our Stronger Starehe Schools Coronavirus appeal to help the schools cover their Covid related costs in 2022, which will total an extra £18,000 over the next 6 months.

Our Stronger Starehe Schools Coronavirus appeal is raising funds to help the schools cover their Covid related costs which will total an extra £18,000 over the next 6 months. Donating to our appeal will help keep Starehe Schools staff and students safe through the purchase of items such as face masks, hand sanitisers and medical equipment. It will also help us provide Starehe students with the emotional support and counselling they need to ensure they continue to thrive at Starehe.

We desperately need your help so that Starehe schools can continue to transform the lives of Kenya's brightest and poorest children.

Please support our Stronger Starehe Schools Coronavirus Appeal

Here’s what your donation will mean:

£16 will buy a month’s supply of paper towels

£115 will cover the salary for a psychological counsellor for one week

£450 will buy face masks for school students, staff and nurses 

£560 will cover the cost of supplying automatic sanitiser dispensers across the school

£900 will buy 6 month’s supply of disinfectant 

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buys exercise books for one student for a year
buys exercise books for five students for a year
pays for one student to attend secondary education for one year

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