Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award 2018

Every year, the Feuer family sponsor the Jonathon Feuer Citizenship Award and this year it has been won by Joan Asiko following school-wide elections. The award recognises the student who best displays Starehe’s values, including honesty, respect, hard work, reliability and a regard for the wellbeing of others.

The electoral process gives Starehe girls a taste of the democratic process. Each boarding house selects three candidates who campaign for their fellow students’ votes. The winner of each house then goes forward to final shortlist of candidates, with students across the school deciding who should receive the award.

Members of staff and friends of the school act as election officials, clerks and observers, so it is a highly authentic democratic process, modelled for all students to see.

The award not only encourages students to aspire to Starehe’s high standards, but provides a process for them to take forward into their careers and lives.


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