95% of Starehe students qualify for university

Against all odds the Starehe final year students achieved outstanding results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examinations sat in April 2021.

Not only did 95% of students at the Starehe Boys’ Centre and the Starehe Girls’ Centre achieve the grades required to progress to a Kenyan University but they achieved this against a year of disrupted education.

The final year students at both schools have suffered teacher shortages throughout their time in Starehe, and the boys lost all their academic materials and study space in a fire that razed the Form 4 Study Block in February 2020. A month later, schools were closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and students spent the following seven months in difficult circumstances at home – most of them having to engage in menial jobs to help provide for their families. Because of their economically disadvantaged circumstances, Starehe students were not able to access on-line learning and had to put in massive effort to catch-up on their return to school in October 2020.

Teachers and other staff laboured diligently upon the final year students’ return to school in October 2020 – providing counselling support to overcome the experiences they had encountered in their time away, and committing extra time at no additional pay to support their preparations for the KCSE examination postponed from November 2020 to March 2021.

From the 262 Starehe Boys who sat the exams for the 2020 academic year (in April 2021), 77% achieved a grade of A or B. The cut-off for entry into one of Kenya’s public Universities is C+, an impressive 95% of students secured a place at university setting them up for a positive future. Similarly, in 2020 84% of the 154 Form 4 students at the Girls School achieved a grade of A or B, with 95% also meeting the grades for a university place.  The Starehe Schools’ academic results put them on a par with the best private and public Kenyan secondary schools whose intake is far more privileged.

We commend all students and staff at the schools for such an incredible achievement.


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