About Starehe UK

Starehe UK is a UK registered charity, registration number: 1158079. We  raise funds to support Starehe Boys’ and Girls’ school and administer the student sponsorship scheme for supporters. 

Although Starehe UK works very closely with both schools it is not involved in their running.  The schools have their own governance structures, independent of Starehe UK.

The UK charity is governed by a board of 10 Trustees and run by a team of volunteers using a virtual office. We have one paid team member: a Charity Manager, who is engaged for one day a week for fundraising, communications and managing the charity governance.

By keeping our overheads to a strict minimum we are able to pass on the vast majority of donated funds and income to the schools. Please see our latest Annual Report, which describes our work, and finances, in greater detail.


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buys exercise books for one student for a year
buys exercise books for five students for a year
pays for one student to attend secondary education for one year

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