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If you would like to see your donation make a direct and personal impact, then sponsoring a Starehe student is an excellent option. You will receive termly school reports and the student will write to you.

The cost of sponsoring a student is £850 per year for four years (that is, a total of £3,400) and you can choose to sponsor or part-sponsor a child. Sponsorship fees can be paid through regular monthly donations or as a one off donation. For UK tax-payers we can also claim Gift Aid on your sponsorship fees.

Please note that every penny you donate goes towards school fees – there are no fundraising or admin charges levied by Starehe UK.

Here’s what sponsoring a student covers:-

  • Uniform, shoes and sports gear;
  • All teaching and teaching materials, extracurricular activities and exam fees;
  • All-year round accommodation at the school, with house parents on duty 24/7;
  • Three nutritious meals a day;
  • Healthcare, including dentistry.

It’s truly a wonderful way to help a young person make their way in the world. The student benefiting from your sponsorship will write to you and the school will send you a report each term on his or her progress. For further details please read our Sponsorship Proposal.

Read our Profiles of Starehe students to find out more about the backgrounds of the students who benefit from sponsorship and what supporting their education means to them. 

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buys exercise books for one student for a year
buys exercise books for five students for a year
pays for one student to attend secondary education for one year

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