About the Schools

Starehe has been educating bright boys from underprivileged backgrounds since 1959 and girls since 2005. The schools are internationally renowned for high teaching standards, high quality personal development and excellent pastoral care.

Students study 13 science and arts subjects, pursue a varied extracurricular programme and in many cases live at the school all-year round, benefiting from a nutritious diet, proper healthcare and the support of house parents.

Self-discipline, respect and community service are pillars of the schools’ ethos. The school day begins early and features a packed calendar of lessons, independent study, sports, volunteering and community activities – including cleaning the student accommodation.

The school expects maximum effort from its students, but in return provides the teaching, support and encouragement they need to believe that anything they wish to achieve is possible. See the alumni profiles for what this means.

Nurturing the brightest children

Over 70% of places are offered free of charge and are reserved for the brightest underprivileged students. The remainder are fee paying places which help subsidise running costs. Regardless of circumstances, every child applying is subject to the same selection criteria.

These criteria are:

  • Exceeding Starehe’s required mark in Kenya’s Primary Certificate of Education (KPCE) exam.
  • The contents of their application form.
  • A satisfactory reference from their school teacher, religious leader or local chief.
  • For sponsored places, proof of financial hardship.
  • An interview.

Typically, over 90% of Starehe girls and boys go on to qualify for public University entrance and student loans, via the Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education Exam. This is an extraordinary achievement, given the difficult lives students have before joining Starehe.

Starehe encourages its alumni to ‘give back’ to Kenyan and world society. Former pupils include prominent individuals in Government, NGOs, academia and the arts, and the professions, who are passing on their advantages to others.


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