Celebrating 60 years of excellence

It was a special celebration for the Starehe Boys’ Centre in July 2019, as they marked the Diamond Jubilee of the Centre first opening its doors in 1959. Proceedings, led by the Centre Director, focussed on how far the Centre has come from humble beginnings when founder, Dr Geoffrey Griffin (pictured) along with his two co-founders, Joseph Kamiru Gikubu and Geoffrey Gatama Geturo, first opened the centre comprising of just two tiny huts. The underlying message of the celebrations served as a reminder to all of the importance to strive in upholding the original mission of the founders from all those years ago. Students showcased their outstanding talents to guests and Alumni members through various performances, supporters were celebrated and visions for the future of Starehe outlined. This 60-year anniversary came as the Girls’ Centre also celebrated 15 years of operation.


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