Congratulations to Jacqueline – winner of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award

For over a decade the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award at the Starehe Girls’ Centre has not only offered an opportunity to celebrate the ethos of the Starehe Schools but also provided students with first-hand experience of an election process, highlighting democracy as one of the core values and guiding principles of the Starehe Girls’ Centre.

Due to the school closures in 2020, the postponed 2020 award process took place in March 2021. We are delighted to announce that Jacqueline was voted as the best school citizen by the entire student body. The award prize pays for the winner's fees for their first year at University or college after they graduate from Starehe Girls' Centre.  

Jacqueline’s parents passed away when she was 7 years old, her relatives were too poor to support her for very long so she grew up in a children’s home. Jacqueline comments:

”Whilst at primary school, I worked hard and scored good grades in my final exam that gave me a chance to join Starehe Girls’ Centre.

At Starehe Girls’ Centre I found a strong culture of reading, this motivated me to study more and pursue my dreams. I have learnt a lot whilst in school, which helped me in improving my academics. I have been working smart keeping in mind that I have a dream of joining the University to pursue a course in clinical medicine and psychology

In addition, I have a dream to change the world, and give hope to the broken hearted. Putting a smile on people’s face has always been my joy and that is why I want to do psychology in order to understand human behaviour.

I’m grateful for the Starehe fraternity for instilling in me the aspects of loyalty, leadership, commitment, discipline, honesty, community service, care for others and decency.”

The entire Starehe Girls’ community remains sincerely thankful to the Jonathan Feuer family for introducing and supporting this award."


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pays for one student to attend secondary education for one year

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