Starehe Schools' Strength Shines in 2021

We are delighted to report that throughout 2021 the Starehe Schools have continued to run smoothly even in the midst of all the challenges caused by the pandemic, and this is thanks to the generosity of our supporters.

With only a week's notice the schools reopened in October 2020 to welcome the Form 4 students back to prepare for their delayed Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education exams, which took place in March 2021. Most students had a challenging time whilst schools were closed with many having to work to feed themselves and unable to continue with their studies because of lack of technology and internet access.  However, despite staff shortages and with a superhuman effort by all teachers and pupils, 95% of the 2021 Starehe graduates gained direct admission to public universities to pursue degree courses while 5% will join tertiary institutions for diploma courses. 

Forms 1 to 3 returned to school on 4 January 2021. There were changes in the Kenyan school term dates with 4 terms compressed into 2021 and 2022 to compensate for the 2 terms lost in 2020. The new Form 1 students who normally start their secondary education in January started in July 2021. The year was challenging for both teachers and students who had to work incredibly hard to be able to cover the syllabus within the schedule set by the Ministry of Education. The current school term ends on 23 December 2021 for an 11 day break.

Thankfully with the extra funding from Starehe UK both schools were able to implement Covid protocols, ensuring their students and staff remained safe and the students' mental health was supported by teachers, the school counsellors and the alumni.

We are confident teachers and pupils will rise to the challenge of another year with 4 terms in 2022, but with only 10% of the Kenyan adult population fully vaccinated against Covid the impact of the Omicron variant remains unknown.

The schools continue to need extra funds to keep staff and students safe and we are asking all our supporters to contribute again to our Stronger Starehe Schools Coronavirus appeal to help the schools cover their Covid related costs in 2022, which will total an extra £18,000 over the next 6 months.

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