Back to school for Starehe students

Starehe students have been welcomed back to school after Kenyan schools were closed for nine months in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Students had a challenging time whilst away from school - many had to do manual labour and most were unable to continue with their studies because of lack of technology and internet access. Staff have been helping students adjust back into the school routine, with additional support provided from counsellors to enable students to settle positively into school life. 

Adjustments have been made to ensure that Starehe students and staff are kept safe and healthy. Stringent Covid-19 protocols have been put in place, including wearing masks in class, observing social distancing and temperature monitoring. New handwashing facilities have been installed and an enhanced schedule for cleaning and disinfection is in place throughout both schools. 

Staff are working hard to support all students with their school work, and in particular the Form 4s with their forthcoming national exams.

It has been a time of unprecedented challenge for staff and students, and responding to Covid-19 has placed additional financial burden on the schools. We will shortly be launching a fundraising appeal to help our schools continue to provide transformational care and education to some of the brightest young people in Kenya.

In the meantime you can continue to support our vital work here.  Every penny will help Kenya’s brightest underprivileged children realise their untapped potential.


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