Exam results amongst the best in Kenya

After a year of 4 compressed terms in 2021, to make-up for the covid school closures in 2020, the Starehe Form 4 pupils sat their Kenyan Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams in March 2022.  

At Starehe Boy's Centre 269 Form 4 students sat the exams, 87% achieved a grade A or B, 93% qualified to join university, and the school's mean grade rose marginally compared to last year from 9.43 to 9.44. These excellent results placed Starehe Boys' Centre as the 14th highest achieving secondary school in Kenya. At the Starehe Girl's Centre 70% of the 154 Form 4 students achieved a grade of A or B, with 93% meeting the grades for a university place. The results put both schools on a par with the best private and public Kenyan secondary schools whose intake is far more privileged. 

These results have been achieved after the challenge of 10-months of missed school when most Starehe students had to engage in menial jobs to help provide for their families and could not access on-line learning, all students and staff put in an incredible effort to catch-up before March 2022 when the exams were sat. 

We commend all students and staff at the schools for such an incredible achievement.


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