New Kenyan Competency Based Curriculum for 2023

From 2023, all Kenyan secondary schools will follow a new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) where students will attend secondary school for six instead of four years. Students will start secondary school two years earlier than currently, and follow a general curriculum for the first three years in Lower Secondary.  They will then follow one of three pathways for the three years of Upper Secondary:

•    Arts and Sports Science
•    Social Sciences
•    Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 

In response to growing youth unemployment in Kenya, the new competency based curriculum is intended to better prepare Kenya's youth to thrive in a changing world. It will equip students with the skills needed to drive economic growth in Kenya, and instil values that support peace and national unity.

Secondary schools will increase their pupil numbers from 2023 as they take on students in the additional younger years. As well as preparing to teach the new curriculum the Starehe Schools are also launching a £1 million international fundraising campaign to support the building of a new dormitory at each school to provide a safe home for the increasing number of pupils.


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