Congratulations to Chantal – Winner of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award

Congratulations to Chantal – Winner of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award

The Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award is a scholarship awarded annually to one student at Starehe Girls’ Centre who has been identified and chosen democratically by other students. The Feuer Citizenship Award has provided pupils with the opportunity to celebrate the ethos of the Starehe Schools as well as learn about and participate in an election process for more than ten years.

The Starehe Schools' regular academic schedule was altered as a result of the Covid Pandemic, which meant that the Feuer Elections for the academic year 2021 were held in the year 2022. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that Chantal has been chosen as the finest school citizen for 2021 by the entire student body. Chantal's award money will pay for her first year of university tuition.

Chantal is very proud of achieving a B in her Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education examinations, which she took in April of this year. Chantal's mother sadly passed away at the end of 2021, but Chantal is committed to achieving more through her schooling. When she received the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award, her family were overjoyed.

Chantal’s comments:

“I am forever grateful that I will join the list of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award Winners. Your generosity and kind act has allowed many girls like me, to achieve our dreams.

I’m passionate about assisting others and promoting healthy living in a hygienic environment and for that reason I’m pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health at University.

I promise to work hard and smart in my academics and graduate with a first-class honours in Public Health.”

The Jonathan Feuer family will always be deeply appreciated by the Starehe Girls' community for creating and supporting this award.


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