Starehe UK Trustee visit to the Starehe Schools

I first visited Starehe girls school back in 2008 and was delighted to get the opportunity to go back. It has more than doubled in size both in terms of students but also the facilities. They are blessed with generous grounds being on the outskirts of Nairobi and have been able to add new classrooms, a new dining hall, some dormitories and to extend their ‘farm’. It is still apparent that the focus continues to be on the Girl and supporting and encouraging her in the Starehe Way. The quality of teaching and care is explemlary and all credit to Sister Jane and the staff and Trustees for the dedication and commitment they show to girls education.

I was able to bring a former student back with me and she was excited to visit her old classroom and talk to the girls. She graduated in 2012 and is now a manager with the Kenyan Tax office and doing well. Like me, she was energised to continue the support of the school through sponsors and fund raising.

The Alumni are central to mentoring younger students within both the schools and helping them to begin to build their network, as well as fundraising for the Centres. Each year group finds a way to raise funds for the centres. 

Like many young people Covid brought issues when schools were shut down and the centres are both trying to support students with counsellors to work through the issues. 

The visit has made my role as Trustee of Starehe UK easier and more relevant having seen first-hand what benefits the schools bring to the students. Due to inflation and economic pressures our support is needed more now than ever before whether through sponsoring an individual student or a donation to running costs or a capital project.

Starehe UK trustee Geraldine McKibbin visited both the Starehe Girls Centre and the Starehe Boys Centre in October. 


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