Congratulations to Esther – Winner of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award

We are delighted to spotlight Esther, the latest winner of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award.

For over 10 years the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship Award has remained a means of teaching students at the Starehe Girls Centre about the electoral process and cultivating a sense of civic responsibility. Following a rigorously conducted election process one student at Starehe Girls Centre is identified as the recipient of the prize for the year.
For the school as a whole the award reinforces the significance of democracy as one of the Starehe Girls' Centre's basic ideals and guiding principles acting as a point of reference for students to learn from as well as obtain a practical understanding of how to express their will through the electoral process both now and in the future when they leave school.
And for the prize winners it serves as an opportunity to mould great leaders of tomorrow with an objective to promote good governance.

Esther’s remarks
“Thank you so much for this golden opportunity that you have granted Starehe Girls Centre for over a decade and especially the beneficiaries who have been elected at the end of each year as the winner of the Jonathan Feuer Citizenship award. I am so grateful to have been the elected Feuer Award Winner for the year 2022 and I really thank God for this chance.”

“Starehe Girls has trained me and moulded me to be who I am today. The virtues of love, mercy, compassion, respect, honesty, loyalty, integrity, discipline and all others that someone needs. I have acquired them at Starehe Girls. I really thank God because of my School Director Sister Jane Soita for her pieces of advice, encouragement and her concern for my well being in school. She is really a source of inspiration to me.”

Our thanks go to the Jonathan Feuer family for creating and supporting this important award.


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